What Is Open Learning About

What Is Open Learning About

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I decided to write this article on what is open learning about since this is brand new to me, and I thought maybe this would be brand new to many of you as well. Believe it or not, this type of learning started in the 1970s. What surprised me the most about this was when I was in high school and this was started in the practice and study fields, so it seems this improved the opportunities to learn within the formal education systems or broadened your learning beyond formal educational systems.


Distance Learning

So what is distance learning courses are a more common type of learning we have heard of,  and let’s see what are the differences between these two types are before we go any further. You might know this more as correspondence education, and these are very convenient and popular since they prevent us from having to attend classes in person. Now open learning actually refers to being available to everyone, and the most important difference probably you should know is this type of education is open to everyone without needing any type of qualifications.


Open University Courses

This is actually a website that provides open education to anyone interested in their courses, and they also are known as Open Learn if that rings a bell? As for me, I have never heard of either of these so this is a learning experience for me writing this article for you. You can take any of their courses for free, and they provide you access to almost 1000 courses.


Types Of Courses


Badged Courses

Lunchtime Learning





Childhood & Youth Studies

Early Years


Education Careers



Literature Hub


Open Learn Cymru

Postgraduate Studies

Working With Young People







Course Lengths

1-3 Hours

4-9 Hours

10-24 Hours

24+ Hours


Anyone can learn for free without signing up, but when you sign up you will receive access to your very own profile. You will also be able to track your accomplishments, so if this interests you feel free to sign up or just browse the Open Learn website.




what is open learning about
COVID 19 Free Course


COVID 19 Contact Tracing

You can take advantage of this free course and learn what coronavirus 19 is about, and you can be sure this is worth checking out since it is offered by John Hopkins University. You will receive everything you can imagine about COVID-19 and contact tracing, so if this interests you now is a good time to take advantage of this course while it is being offered for free.

Approximately 5 Hour Course

100% Online


English & Spanish

Instructor Emily Gurley Ph.D. MPH


Learn More About This Course 


What Are The Benefits Of Open Learning

One of the most important benefits I see with this type of learning is you have the opportunity to keep developing more and more skills, and this can lead to better careers and most of all more income. I am a big fan of never stop learning new things, and that is the reason I started this website. There are several important benefits, so let’s take a look at the most important benefits Northeastern. Ed shares with us.




New Career Changes

Improve Your Skills

Add New Skills


With open learning, everyone has the choice to be able to keep learning if they choose to. So now that you know this exists you can start considering if this is something you might want to take advantage of yourself in the near future.


Let’s Talk About MOOCs

MOOCs are a massive online open course, and you are able to enroll in their courses for free. This organization provides flexible and affordable methods to learn new skills, so now you have no excuse why you are not able to further your career. All that is required from you is a computer and an internet connection, you will find the majority of their courses are master’s degrees. You now can find bachelor’s degrees offered by Coursera and Futurelearn. Online degrees are equal to a traditional degree, but there is a chance some companies might not think this way. According to the educational degree organizations, either of these is equally as legitimate proof you have the proper skills with either type of these degrees.


What Are The Easiest Online Degrees

Great Value Colleges has shared what they consider to be the easiest degrees, but actually it all depends on your interest and motivation which degrees are going to be the easiest for you. I could earn a degree in the health industry much easier than in the finance industry, and the main reason is I have more interest in health than money. So you really need to take your time before you commit to starting any degree courses, and one of the main reasons students end up not earning a degree is they choose the wrong career field.

Computer Science

Business Administration





As I look at these choices accounting is the first one that I would be crossing off the list for myself, but you might love to work with numbers, and accounting could be easy and fun for you. So I hope you see my point I am trying to make, and this is a very important decision so don’t just jump into starting until you really think about this seriously.


what is open learning about


What Are The Most Difficult Degrees

Now let’s look at the most difficult degrees to earn online, and this list was provided by Student Problems. I have already crossed all of these off my own list, so how many of these interests you enough to earn a degree?

Mechanical Engineer







As for me, I would be scared to death to even think about studying any of these. To be honest with you, I did start out in college studying for a mechanical engineer degree, but I learned my first semester this for sure is not for me.


 Online Learning Vs e-Learning

What about e-learning and online learning, I wonder if you are like me and thought they were one and the same? With e-learning, you and your teacher will interact online. Online learning is done completely through the internet without any interaction with the teacher. The main advantage of e-learning is it is convenient and you can access your studies at whatever time is the best for you, so let’s see what some of the other benefits are.

Very Affordable





More Engaging

Better Performance

Productive Education


e-Learning Industry Recommends

Udemy is their number one choice for anyone seriously considering e-learning, and it just happens to be my favorite place I have learned many of my own skills over the years.







Academy of Mine




I will have to admit some of these are even new to me, so I really can’t tell you much about them other than checking them out if you are interested in learning more about them. So visit the website eLearning Industry to learn more about these sites, so next, we are going to take a look at online learning next.


Online Learning

Online learning is often referred to as e-learning and also distance learning, so now I am confused, how about you? Okay, I just found out that online learning you must attend your studies at set times. So this is one difference between e-learning we read about earlier in this article, so it sounds to me people often are using possibly the wrong type of learning thinking they are the same. Videoconferencing is one of the main learning methods with online learning, so let’s see what they recommend as the best online learning websites.





So now this might really be confusing some of you as much as myself, and this list came from the website Forbes. Forbes shares the Udemy is best for the average learning, Skillshare is for the creative person, and Coursera is more for academic learning. It does seem several of the websites fit the category of most of the types of learning, and this has me wondering why do they use so many terms that only confuses us?


what is open learning about
Shop Online Courses Is All About Providing You Online Courses To Learn From


What Is Open Learning About

The way I am understanding this open learning is actually the only one of these types of learning that really sets apart from the rest, and it seems to me e-learning and online learning are very close to being the same. It seems open learning is more career-oriented with a degree more than the others, and you can opt for a certificate with the others but not as many of them you can go for a degree. I have used Udemy, Coursera, and EdX to learn my own skills, and so these are the ones I recommend you consider if you are not seeking a professional degree.





















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12 thoughts on “What Is Open Learning About

  1. Hi Jeff. I didn’t know that there are so many type of online learning course with different name. If I didn’t come across your this article, I wouldn’t know what is the different! I will thought that all of them the same just using different name.

    For those online course that do issue certificate after the course is completed, I just wonder these certificate is it international recognised?

    1. Hello Janet

      Thank you for commenting on my article, you asked a very good question. The certificates are internationally recognized, but some employees might not take you as serious with one of these certificates and not a college degree


  2. Hi Jeff,

    Glad you talked about open learning. In Indonesia we have what we called Universitas Terbuka or Open University. So, this is not entirely new to me. When I moved to the U.S., I found more info about online learning. I would like to fill my gap years being unemployed and a stay-home-mom by taking courses and going volunteering. I took courses with FutureLearn, EdX, and Udemy before. I know Coursera and I’ll try them next.
    I think it is wonderful to have this kind of opportunity where we kind enrich our knowledge and skills through those courses and we can even get the certificate if we are willing to pay for them. Since the courses are mostly free, so buying the certificates shouldn’t be a problem. It’s much cheaper than going to the community college or university.
    I hope more people will take advantage of this opportunity. I agree with you, there is no excuse. Getting educated is not as hard nowadays.

    1. Hello, Ferra

      I thank you for your comment, and I wish you the best with your child or children.
      I am happy to hear you are in the USA now, and I hope you are enjoying living here


  3. Hi Jeff,

    I like the others are surprised at all the options to people nowadays.
    There is really no excuse for anyone to not continue Learning after they leave school.

    I kinda feel guilty now for not signing up to one already!

    Take care

    1. Hello, LJ

      It is never too late to start learning online, so tomorrow might be a good day to
      sign up for an online course and see how it goes for you


  4. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the information. I’m actually learning the COVID-19 course offered by Johns Hopkins. It’s essential for us to learn new things to keep up the pace of tech development and I think your post provides a lot of go-to suggestions for the purpose.

    1. Hello, Richard

      The world does change from day to day with new challenges more now than ever,
      and the COVID is something we all should learn just in case it decided to stay


  5. Online learning is a great option. I’ve studied a lot online from short courses to post graduate degrees. I like that they are flexible, convenient and you can study and learn just about anything. Those where there are options to collaborate or have forums where you can connect with fellow students are great in terms of reducing isolation and providing additional support.

    1. Hello, Marine

      I am very happy to hear you have taken advantage of learning online, and I also
      have taken advantage of this and I hope this website encourages more people to
      do the same


  6. Hi jeff
    You made a Comprehensive post about open learning. I think this great post should be bookmarked for future references. I also wrote some post about ‘Online Courses’. But I must recognize that your Work really helped me.
    Thanks again.

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