Free Online Training Courses Certificates

Free Online Training Courses Certificates

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Free online training courses certificates are recommended for anyone interested in gaining new skills, but you could also be interested in these to improve the skills you already have for career advancement. Many of these certifications are optional, so this can even benefit someone who is just wishing to take them to learn for themselves. I have taken many of these over the years to learn how to have success with my online business, and I was just in need of learning the information. So you are able to take advantage of these training courses just to learn for yourself, and you will find that most of these require you to pay a small fee if you are wanting the certification.


What is Online Training Courses

Just so everyone knows what to expect from these types of courses here are some things you might want to know, you will go through classes or lessons on whatever topic you have chosen. Most of these are video courses today, and some even provide you with the option of text along with the videos. Usually, at the end of each section, you are given a short quiz, and this is helpful so you know if you absorbed everything you need to know. You have the option to move on to the next class or lesson, but what is really helpful is you can also go back over the information and take the quiz until you feel you know it well enough to move on. The majority of these will provide you a final exam you must pass to earn your certificate, and some certificates are free, but some you must pay a small fee to print them or have them mailed to you. There are some that are only preparing you to take your final exam, but the majority of them this is not the case.


About Online Training Courses

I want you to be aware more about what you can learn. It is true the majority of people are interested in business-related online learning. You do have more options than just in the business field, I know many people who have taken these types of training for other career industries as well. One that is also popular is in the health field, so if business is not your cup of tea, I suggest you take the time to check for training in whatever you might be interested in.  Another good one I suggest to consider is basic computer training courses, and the reason for this is everything we do requires us to be able to use a computer. So with this out of the way, we now can look into these courses in more detail.


free online training courses certificates
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Computer Training

I am going to start with free online computer courses certificates, and the reason I chose this is you can never know too much about your computer. Everyone should take the time to take a basic computer course, and I can’t stress enough how many times I have had to take time from my business to research how to do something on my computer. So in my opinion, you will benefit from learning as much as you can before you get too involved in taking any other online courses. You will want to check for Computer Fundamental courses to learn the basics, and one of the best resources I have found is Coursera. You can opt for certification if you desire so, but these are free so what is stopping you from learning more about your computer?


What is Coursera About

I am a big fan of this online learning website, you can take their courses for free, and a certification is an option. I am sure some of you might be interested in how to get started, so I have included a step-by-step guide for you below.

Click on your desired course

Click on the enroll button

Select purchase course

Checkout price should be $0.00


To be sure you receive this course for free be sure the blue promotion banner appears when you click on the course, and if not try refreshing the page. I have experienced by refreshing the page the blue promotion banner has appeared and you will receive this course for free.


Computer Fundamentals

Computing Fundamentals

Computer Science Fundamentals

Network Security

How Computers Work

How To Get Online

Fundamentals of Graphic Design


Computer Science

Programming with a Purpose


Computer Science Intro


Computer Science Fundamentals


These are just the courses listed on the first pages of these computer courses, so if you are interested in check out out the rest I suggest you visit Coursera when you have the time. I do have a page on my menu that will provide you more information on this website, so if you are interested you can go to my menu link to learn more.


free online training courses certificates
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Health Courses

Now for those of you who already have pretty good computer skills, I have some courses to share with you concerning health topics. Many people will take these just for their own personal interest, and these can help you if you are suffering from specific health problems. Others will take these for their certificates for career advancement, and even to get their foot into the health career field.

Health Across the Gender Spectrum

Obesity, Diabetes, & Cardiovascular Disease

Chronic Pain Management

Autism Spectrum

Major Depression

Hearing Loss Fundamentals

Social Work


Again this is only a small taste of the courses provided by Coursera, so if you are into learning more about health you can accomplish this by visiting Coursera’s Online Course website.


Business Courses

Business courses are the most popular especially today with people starting their own businesses, so these are going to be very helpful for anyone considering starting a business online. You also can further your career if you are already in this career field, and you can even learn the skills to enter this field, so that is the reason these are the most popular online courses people are taking today.

International Business Management


Financial Accounting

Negotiation Skills



Digital Marketing

Project Management

Social Media Marketing


This is just a taste of the business courses you have to choose from at Coursera, and you can search for specific skills you are interested in learning as well. You can learn the most successful business strategies for one thing, and maybe marketing is where you lack the experience and need to gain some knowledge. So these are the three types of Free Online Training Courses Certificates I am sharing with you today, but the sky is the limit what you can learn online.


free online training courses certificates
Digital Marketing Analytics Software Training


Recommended Online Courses

The list I am going to share next with you is from the website Guru99, and I am only going to share with you their top picks. You can read their entire article 60+ Free Online Courses with Certificates if you choose to, but as you can imagine, I can’t provide their entire list in this article.

Deep Learning


Google Analytics

C Code Fundamentals


Coding for Designers

Artificial Intelligence

The Complete IOS Developer

Machine Learning

Content Marketing


As you can see from just their courses I have shared with you learning is not limited online, and all of these are free online courses you can take to earn certificates if you desire to.


Free Online Training Courses Certificates

I hope this article has been helpful and inspirational to you, and before I end this article, I would like to recommend Microsoft Learning as another one of my favorites. So it all depends on your motivation to learn and what your desire is to learn the most, I have taken courses on business, marketing, and health the most since that is what interests me. I am now finding learning more about computers would be a great asset to me, so I am seriously considering taking some of these courses as well in the near future. Before I leave you, I do want to mention these are self-paced which makes them very valuable, and so you can take an hour per day or a few days per week to take these according to your schedule.


free online training courses certificates
Shop Online Courses is an associate of Amazon,  and I do earn a small commission from your purchases. I am using any commission to keep this website up and running for you, so if you do purchase anything I do thank you, but this website is the most interested in helping you to learn.















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10 thoughts on “Free Online Training Courses Certificates

  1. This was such an informative article. I would have to complete a few courses for my online business and I pretty much know where to find anything I need after reading your article.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hello, Yoana

      I am very happy this article has provided you all the information you need for your online business courses, and I thank you for visiting Shop Online Courses today


  2. Thank you for your insightful post. How can I access this website? Are all courses free or some of them are paid? and what are the average costs of the courses?

    1. Hello, Prav

      All the courses are free to learn from, but if you are interested in a certificate it does cost you a small fee. I took these courses for my own personal knowledge to gain skills, but if you want certified you must pay a very small fee.


  3. I can vividly imagine a whole new world opening for the readers of this post. Nearly everyone knows that online courses exist, but not everyone is convinced they are all good or worth the money or the effort. Giving us these examples and declaring which ones you personally use and trust tells more than any ad could. Based on your post, I’ll certainly check out quite a few of them.
    Thank you for that.

    1. Hello, Minaher

      I started this website to help people learn the skills they need to earn a higher income, and you can never go wrong by taking free online training courses.


  4. Great information.
    I have always been about learning new things online especially since I work online daily.

    Thank you for this article I will use it as a reference since I might be needing some graphic design in the future.

    1. Hello, Thabo

      I am happy you can use this article to improve your graphic design skills if you need to, and these are free to take
      if you don’t want the certificate and the certificate is very affordable if you want to be certified.


  5. Hey,

    I love online courses, they really have enhanced my life. I did an online life coaching certificate last year on course era and it has really helped me with my career.

    I will always recommend course era, and another one called new skills academy. I have done a few courses on new skills academy and that is really helpful.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


    1. Hello, Tom

      I am happy you enjoy taking online courses, I have learned so much from taking courses online and when you can find the free courses why not take advantage of the opportunity


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