Free Online Courses For Certificates

Free Online Courses For Certificates

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Free online courses for certificates will be recommending some of the best websites, but before we get into where to enroll, you might be wondering how much value does a certificate has that you earn online? Are they seen by potential employers impressive enough to get hired, and we will be answering some other questions you might have if these are worth your time.


What Is The Value Of Certificates

The biggest value of enrolling to earn a certificate is for you, so many of us are not happy with our present employment. Others might not be even employed, so by taking these courses and earning a certificate you can gain the skills you need for your dream career. So what are some values having a certificate provide you might be your next question, so below are some of the most important benefits of earning a certificate.

Personal growth

Career advancement


Professional status


What Does This Mean To An Employer

So when a potential employer sees you have put in the effort to take an online course for certificates what does this tell them, and the majority of employers are impressed by this achievement. This gives them the feeling you are more responsible for one thing, and another thing this is proof you process the skills you claim on your resume. So the majority of potential employers do share that this impresses them, and often they will give this person the position before another person. Even though this is not as impressive as a degree, you can often get your foot into a company with certificates.


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Is Being Certified That Important

Certificates are very helpful for employers when hiring for positions within their company, and this really makes a difference when you have the certificates for the skills they are looking for the position. When you are ambitious enough to put in the time to enroll and earn certificates in specific skills there is no doubt this impressed an employer, you give a good impression of doing what it takes to advance in your career. So many people complain about their present employment, but very few people actually do anything about gaining the skills you need.


Advantages Of Being Certified

There are many advantages of taking online courses and gain the skills in a specific career field, and when you can enroll in free online courses for certificates you are gaining not only the skills, but you also are receiving many other benefits such as the ones below.

Setting yourself apart from other applicants

Increases your efficiency

You are worth more when it comes to being paid

Increasing your knowledge in your career field

Adding new skills

Improving your existing skills

Professionally credibility


How Long Will It Take To Earn A Certificate

When you enroll in the majority of online certificate courses they are self-paced, and this is the reason they are a good choice for someone already employed. So the average person who is employed usually completes the course between 9 months and 3 years, and even though this sounds like such a long time, you are doing something constructive about your future. This also takes discipline and dedication to accomplish, so this is another feather in your cap when you complete the course and earn your certificate.


What Skills Is In Demand

For someone wishing to stay in their career field, this is a much easier question than for someone who is unemployed. If you are in the career field of your choice you pretty much know what courses will advance your career, but for those who might be in search of a new career completely, this could be overwhelming for them to decide. This is the most common reason the majority of people never take that first step to enroll in an online course, so what are some of the most in-demand skills you can consider?

Human Resources 

Project Management


Help Desk Analyst




Now that you know what skills are in demand, you more likely would appreciate me sharing the best free online courses for certificates. so here is the 20 Best Free Online Certifications & Courses, and this article was provided by So let’s see what they recommend as the best ones for you to consider, and I have listed them below for you.

Stanford University

Harvard University

Linkedin Learning


UC Berkeley


Free Coding Courses

Free Python Courses

Machine Learning Courses

IT Certification Udemy

Google Courses




Khan Academy


Microsoft Learning

TedEd Courses


MIT Open Courseware


Now you have their list of the best free online certifications & courses to choose from, so by now, I hope you are starting to become more motivated by my article to enroll and get certified. I have provided you links to the free online certificate courses that I have personally used in the past to learn my business skills, and these links will take you to my menu with more information, and you are free to browse their courses using the button I have provided you.


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Are You Interested In The Health Industry

According to the website The American Institute of Medicines & Sciences Education you can earn a certificate within one year or less, and I am sure you are curious as I am what these health courses could be? So let’s just see what medicine and health certificates you could earn, I am anxious to learn about these as well.

Phlebotomy Technician                  2-6 months

Pharmacy Technician                    9 months

Cardiac Monitor                             3-6 months

Medical Billing & Coding              4-9 months

Surgical Technologist                  14-17 months

Medical Assistant                        9-12 months

Neurodiagnostic Technologist   12-18 months

Dental Assistant                         1 year


Gee, I never would have expected you could become certified in most of these within one year or less, so here are some other options for you to consider as well as the ones earlier in this article. These are a great opportunity for anyone interested in entering the health career field, so maybe you should check these out and see if any of them interest you. Of course, these certifications I am sure are not free so if you are interested in the free online certificates check out the ones I shared earlier in this article. I am curious how much these certificate courses would cost, so if you are interested and curious feel free to check them out.


Free Online Courses For Certificates

This concludes this article that I hope has provided you the motivation to look into these free online course websites, I even added the medicine and science because I was curious myself about them. The article, of course, did not provide any financial information on the cost. At the same time, I did not find anywhere that stated they were free. I imagine you can apply for financial assistance through government loans, and then possibly start paying the loans back after you are certified. That is something if you are interested in checking out, so I hope some of the information in this article was helpful to you.

















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4 thoughts on “Free Online Courses For Certificates

  1. It’s always good to learn. I am a lifelong student myself and loving it. For me it’s not necessary anymore to be certified, as I am semi-retired, but as a former employer I back your remark that being certified adds to the status of a possible employee.
    Great info.

    1. Hello, Hannie

      I totally agree with you being certified is not necessary when you are interested in gaining information or skills for yourself, I learned many of my business skills through online courses and being certified is something I never pursued.


  2. I think any education is worthwhile even if it’s at certificate level and can be seen by employers as of value. Often times they have a much more practical component. In some cases obtaining a certificate even if it’s an online certificate can allow you to join the relevant association to lend weight to the certification too.

    1. Hello, Martine

      I feel certification is a personal preference and depends on your situation, but if you are taking the online courses for career advancement I think certificates are a bonus to the skills you learn.


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