Coursera Free Courses-Plus Certification

Coursera Free Courses-Plus Certification

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Coursera free courses are in my opinion one of your best choices to learn from, and you have the option of certification for a small fee only if you desire to be certified. I have learned many of my business skills through these online courses that cost me only my time, and since I was only interested in the information to develop the skills I needed for online business the certificate was not important to me at the time. For anyone taking these to advance in their career, you might desire to invest in the certification. More and more people are using online learning websites to gain the skills they need to improve their income, so this is really a personal choice everyone should make for themselves.


About Coursera

What about Coursera might be going through some of your minds about now, and yes the courses are free to take and learn from. As for acquiring a certificate, you must take assigned assignments, and for this, you must invest some of your hard-earned money. Just to give you an idea of what it would cost you here is a general guide I found, so this is just a guide and not the exact prices.

  • Individuals will find some of these are totally free, and the ones that you must invest in will range approximately between $29.00 and $99.00. In my opinion, that really is well worth the investment, and these will take the average person approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. For less than two months you can gain the skills you require to increase your income in your career, and even possibly get your foot in the door of starting a new career.
  • Specialized programs are more intense, so these will take the average person approximately 4-6 months to complete. The cost of these might surprise you being between $37.00 and $79.00 per month, now when you figure it out this is very reasonable compared if you were taking these courses at a community college. To be able to add to your resume you have a specialized skill is going to go a long way for how much income you can earn, so if you have a desire to acquire to be specialized this is your best option in my opinion.
  • An online degree is also a possibility with Coursera, so you are talking between 1-3 years to complete your degree. Now, these prices might blow you away, so I hope you are sitting down. You are talking between $15 and 25,000 dollars to earn your degree, so now you understand a little more about what your options are and the investment required.


Now I am sure some of you are thinking is it really worth it, you will find the real value will be what you learn and not nearly as much as the certificates themselves. In my opinion, I really experienced benefits from taking some of their courses. So I have to say they are definitely worth checking them out, and they are not for everyone, but unless you check them out you will never know if they are right for you.


coursera free courses


What About Resumes

What about my resume, and if you get certified and the certification applies to the position you are applying for you should include it in your resume. The majority of employers have shared it is what skills a person processes that are the most important to them, so by adding you are certified in specific skills related to the career field can often get your foot in the door before other applicants. You should never put any skills on your resume that you don’t actually have taken courses for, you never want to be dishonest just to get a position no matter how much you want that job.


How Does Universities See Coursera Certificates

There are more than 2,000 universities and colleges accept ACE certificates, but I want you to realize schools are not required to give you credit for these certificates by law.  Even so, you can’t go wrong with having the knowledge from any of these courses, and even if they are not credited you have the knowledge which is going to pay off if you decide to further your education at a university or college. You will love to hear the majority of employers are happy to see you have earned a certificate through Coursera, and in fact, many employers will value these courses higher than many other online learning certificates.  One more thing that I feel is important to know, and that is you are able to cancel your subscription at any time so you are not under any type of contract binding you if you experience financial hardship.


Financial Aid Benefits

Courser does provide financial aid for their paid courses, so you must apply for this program. Those of you accepted will be granted a waiver that will allow you to access the content required to earn your certificate,  and of course, you have to be able to prove you are not able to afford the payments to be eligible for this financial aid. Since I brought this topic up I only feel it is right to provide you the process you must go through to apply, so here is what is involved to apply for financial aid.

  1. Open the course home page you desire to apply for financial aid
  2. Click on information for financial aid
  3. Fill out the application
  4. Submit the application
  5. Now comes the most difficult part waiting for your application to be reviewed
  6. Watch your email for your application approved or denied
  7. The usual waiting period is approximately two weeks


You can check out the course materials while waiting for your approval or denial confirmation email, and if your approved you will be automatically enrolled in the course you desire. So what the heck, you have nothing to lose by applying, so if this is something you really want to do go for it.


coursera free courses


I have included a link with the image above for anyone interested in more information on applying for financial aid with Coursera, so if this interests you feel free to be taken to their financial aid help page by clicking on the image above.


Free Courses Plus Certificates

For those of you interested in the free course plus certificates you might be interested in the cost, so the approximate cost the last time I knew was in the range of $49.00. Really if being certified is something you really want or feel you need the cost if very reasonable, and the majority of people are able to invest this amount without extreme hardship. Now, most of you are curious I am sure what exactly are your choices available, so here is a partial list just to give you an idea what you can learn. It is impossible for me to list over 1500 free courses in this post, so I am just going to share some random courses that catch my eye as I scroll through them for you.

  • Intro to Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • COVID-19
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • The ABCs of Child Rearing
  • Intro to Classical Music
  • Understanding Human Needs
  • Understanding Research Methods
  • Forensic Science
  • A Law Students Toolkit
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle in Pregnancy
  • ADHD Everyday Strategies


I am sure this gives you a better idea of what all you can learn from browsing Coursera free courses if you are interested, and remember there are over 1500 free courses just waiting for you right now. So I suggest if you are interested at all just take a little time and check out what you might find, and we all should make it a point to keep learning new skills no matter what age we might be.


Ready To Explore More

I thought maybe I should share some of the most popular categories as well with you, and this might even motivate some of you even more. so let’s explore the categories just for the fun of it, and here are some of the most popular ones that might interest some of you.

  • Art
  • Music
  • Marketing
  • Business Strategies
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Google
  • Healthcare
  • Nutrition
  • Animal Health
  • Math & Logic
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Science
  • Social Science
  • Learn a New Language


Here are some of the most popular categories you can explore, so if any of these interests you, I do recommend you check them out closer. You just never know what you might find that you might want to learn more, and even if you just want to take something that interests you for fun that is cool as well.


coursera free courses
You Are Never Too Young or Too Old To Learn Something New


The best thing you can be doing for your mental health is to make it a point to keep learning, and you are never too young or too old to learn something new. It is a fact, you will keep your brain healthier and possibly even prevent Alzheimer’s Disease by using your brain regularly every day. so even if you are not interested in learning new skills for a career, you can benefit by learning just for the fun of it. People who do cognitive projects regularly such as crossword puzzles and cognitive games stay healthier mentally than those who don’t, so find things that you enjoy doing that requires you to be using your brain is your best strategy to fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. Even if you have no interest to take any online learning courses make it a point to find something that interests you that provides you mental health benefits, and even people who read daily benefit more than you might think just by doing something as simple as reading a book.


Coursera Free Courses

Why are you not taking advantage of the free education online that is available today, I have learned how to start and manage my own online business. I also have learned how to manage my Autoimmune Diseases for free, you also can learn fun things such as I am teaching myself to play the harmonica. Well, I am at least putting in the effort to try, and so if I never become very good at playing the harmonica who cares? The point is so many people are wasting their time doing nothing productive, and there is no reason for it with the internet the sky is the limit. That is the reason I started this website, I am on a quest to motivate more people to take advantage of the internets online learning that costs you very little but your time. How you spend your time is going to affect your health down the road, and more and more of us are experiencing mental health issues than ever before.














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10 thoughts on “Coursera Free Courses-Plus Certification

  1. I am definitely going to check this out further. Never heard about Coursera until your post. As a teacher and with it being summertime, I would love to further my learning through some free courses. Thank you for this informative article.

    1. Hello, Dana

      I am happy you found this article interesting and encouraging you to check out Coursera courses,
      and you can never learn too much even as a teacher.


  2. I love learning, and Coursera offers interesting couorses. Forensice science is something I would love to take a look at. Nutrition is also a nice addition, since I have a food blog. A course in nutrition would only benefit my blog.
    You are right when you say that now we so much free time, and many are wasting it watching movie after movie. I love watching moveis, but it is important to stay productive too.
    I think I am going to have a look at this website and plan a course or two in my daily schedule. I like that it is free, unless I take the certification, of course.

    1. Hello, Christine

      I really am happy you visited my website and commented, I have a goal with this website to encourage as many people to take advantage of these free courses.


  3. Free courses! wow! They are also recognized by many colleges and universities? Even better. You’ve mentioned lots of different areas where we can get the qualification about.

    Thank you for this great share.

    Wishing toy all the best

  4. I really appreciate for you taking your time and posting this review, being a single mom and wanting to aducate is almost impossible. Going to college and working will never be able to work out, I will definitely take this advantage when I have my own time.
    I always wanted to learn a different language now is the time, Thank you.

  5. I am a firm believer that we all need to keep learning throughout our lives. One of the effective ways will be taking a course.
    Thank you for introducing Coursera in this article.

    I was impressed by the following three facts.
    The courses can be taken for free if no certificate is required. As long as I can learn valuable things, I may not need a certificate for now.
    The coverage of the topics is so diverse. It even covered digital marketing, SEO which I am highly interested in.
    So many people are already aware of this program, and actively taking the courses. There are 3.3 Million students for some courses. wow.
    I feel like I discovered an oasis in a desert.

    While reading this article, I wondered if the certificate would be recognizable in many firms. Then, you answered “yes” at the end of the article. Great to know.
    Thank you for providing this article, and I look forward to learning more from your articles.
    Have a great day.

    1. Hello, Jason

      I am very happy I did answer your question without you having to leave a comment, I always try to answer as many of the questions I think my readers might have.


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